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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. Can I date in Style Savvy: Trendsetters? Brad and Dominic are some of the guys that flirt and seem interested in you. I’ve gone out on dates with Brad, but he won’t make a move. Does anything ever happen? It doesn’t appear to be possible. Once you build a good customer relationship with some of the boys you can go to events with them and take photos, but there’s nothing like actual dating or relationships.

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By Firey-Cinder Watch. Your POV You yawned, tired from your show today. Dominic, the ever busy businessman, had been talking to you about your show, showering you with compliments about your new styles. He always complimented you on your designs, no matter what they where. How about you go on home? Dominic blushed.

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Certain male characters in the game will have a thing for your character, but dating doesn t appear to be available to us. It s possible to go on a date with Brad. Ugh in style savvy trendsetters I m trying to date brad I can t you only can in the Japanese. This page contains Cheats for Style Savvy: Trendsetters organized by sections. I don t like liars.

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Style savvy trendsetters dating

Originally posted by hothotmiso. However, due to the series having different titles and covers for each region and each game having comparable strengths and weaknesses, i wanted to write up a post about it so anyone interested in the series can make an informed decision! Keep reading. This is my Style Boutique blog!

Answer from: DominicGirly. Well from what i have heard you do get to date him once you have all the clothes from all brands and you th customer i once.

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Meghan Markle shot to international fame when she was linked to British royal Prince Harry last year. The actress, 35, has been dating the fifth in line to the British throne for a year, but discovery of a tweet reveals she may have had her eye on another Briton around the time she met Harry. The tweet in question, sent on June 29 , was in response to another that included a picture of the actress.

The actress tagged the British actor in her tweet, which meant he would recieve a notification of her message. This was when Prince Harry followed the star from his private Instagram account, and they were seen with matching bracelets. Dominic Cooper has been dating British actress Ruth Negga since and the pair live together in London.

Australian news channel 9News has reported the Suits actress also met Princess Charlotte, two, during the meeting. Kate and Meghan are said to have met a couple of days ago at Kensington Palace in London during one of the actress’s many visits to her boyfriend Harry. It is claimed that Meghan gave Kate a gift of a dream diary, to record her thoughts and dreams in.

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Dating and dollars: Making money from the business of love

This Review is Reposted here for Archiving purposes. Click here for where I originally wrote it. The game involves your character getting ownership of a fashion store and slowly making it your own while also helping your customers find exactly what they are looking for. Plus, having some fun with customizing your own character.

Despite being relatively simple, the game is also rather addictive. The gameplay is not much different than the first game with one of the biggest differences being that you do not need to hold your system vertically this time.

My trendy adventures (and misadventures) in Style Savvy: Fashion Forward customers over the last couple of days—namely, Michaela, Grace, and this guy Dominic, There’s just something so satisfying about getting to style my peers. Enter your e-mail to get the latest up-to-date info on my around-town escapades.

I have reached costomers and nothin happened!! You can! Once you reach customer’s, Dominic will ask you on a date, then you get married! On the Nintendo DS forums some people are saying when you get customers, Dominic asks you out on a date, but this is not true so don’t bother tyring it. Sadly, no. Dominic doesn’t marry your character, but I think everyone wishes he would. All that happens on your birthday is that he comes with your 3 customers who have bought the most and they say happy birthday and Dominic gives you a princess outfit for your shop.

Sorry to disappoint you but Style Savvy Or in the UK, Style Boutique was created for children and therefore wouldn’t be aloud to have a dating storyline. Dominic comes in with some of your customers to wish you a happy birthday, he also gives you a present :. I believe style boutique is just another name for style savvy, because there is no style boutique. Why would Nintendo make two of the same game?

Style Savvy Answers for Nintendo DS

I’ve tried everything nothing works he doesn’t ask you on your bday or on valentines day or if u serve a customers it just doesn’t happen. Even sadlt tried that one where you kiss your ds 3 times, then come back the next day and he’ll have a bunch of flowers at your shop -My Friend dared me :’ You cant date him.

I’m new to this game, got it yesterday. Ive got a 5 star shop, won international compotition various times

Sorry to disappoint you but Style Savvy (Or in the UK, Style Boutique) was created for children and therefore wouldn’t be aloud to have a dating.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! I really want to go on a date with Dominic? I really want to go on a date with Dominic but I don’t want to loose ALL of my progress, I mean so much was done cuz I’ve had this for months what should I do? If only you could have profiles!!!!!! User Info: jujuba Well, i would agree with the but im already past customers, sadly thats not true. Now wat about this cruise that I hear about???

If anyone has more suggestions, I ll be happy to listen, I thnk everyone who has tried!!!! THnks for perserverance User Info: jujuba

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Let’s Play Style Boutique/Style Savvy Part 8 – Renée is a lying gold digger